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WWDC Revelations for Event Planners: Using Siri for Events
Tuesday, June 12th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Siri assistanceApple devices power many events, from custom iPhone apps for attendees to iPad apps designed to help the harried event planner. But virtual assistant Siri may be gearing up to become even more critical to event organizers, possibly even serving as a registration assistant or event guide. Yesterday, at Apple’s WWDC (Worldwide Developer Conference), it was announced that Siri is coming to the iPad (giving us yet another way to use tablets for events!). Could Siri on an iPad replace your registration table and even your event staff?

Much like leveraging Google indoor mapping for your event, you could allow attendees to ask Siri–on their own phones or on conference iPads–what their schedules are, who’s speaking in Room 3, and what’s for lunch. Sounds awesome, right? Here are three specific places where using Siri for events could make a huge difference:

1. Getting There

Sure, you have maps all over your event website (mobile optimized if you’re using SnapHop Events!), but people just aren’t going to remember to download or click on or refer to them. When people can simply ask Siri, “How do I get to AwesomeCon 2012?” they’ll arrive more quickly with fewer detours. Siri’s use in vehicles is being expanded, making this a great feature to encourage your attendees to use to get to your event. (Of course, you’ll probably want to test Siri’s navigational abilities yourself, and advise attendees of any tips and tricks to note when navigating with Siri, in order to prevent anyone from getting lost.) And once people are at the venue, they can easily ask any Siri-enabled iPad where Missy Bigname is giving her Very Important Presentation–and get directions immediately. Easy as (Apple) pie, right?

2. The Registration Table

The bane of many an organizer’s existence, the registration table always seems to have more lines and less information than it needs. Whether it’s an incomplete registration list or attendees taking too many paper copies of the agenda, the registration table faces plenty of problems. Transform your registration table by having some iPads with Siri check in attendees and email them a copy of the agenda if desired. This will cut down on lines, questions, and frustration while automating the registration tracking process. You’ll still need a human or two on hand, but you may need fewer of them, and they may be less stressed out, creating a more positive experience for everyone at your event.

3. Streamlining Speaker Slides

Imagine having Siri open up the right PowerPoint deck, at the right time, and moving from slide to slide–all with a few words from a presenter. If Siri can help streamline the often-annoying PowerPoint (or perhaps it’ll have to be Keynote) preparation process, she can do almost anything! And just imagine if the speaker could, with a few words at the end of the presentation, email the deck or post it on the event website for everyone to review immediately. So much work saved, so much knowledge gained.

These are just a few ideas from us. What are some ways you would use Siri for events?

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