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World’s Largest QR Code
Tuesday, October 4th, 2011 | Comments | Latest Posts

A warehouse in Charlotte, North Carolina, may be on its way to being home to the largest permanent QR code in the world. A partnership between scrap metal recycler Southern Resources and non-profit hacking group Hackerspace Charlotte is resulting in a big QR code on top of Southern Resources’ space in the NoDa district of Charlotte. As it’s in the flight path to Charlotte-Douglas International Airport, plenty of airborne folks will pass by the code–but will they be able to snap it? We’ll (hopefully) find out soon.

The stunt is great for raising awareness of QR codes and of Hackerspace, which has an admirable mission. But does its over-the-top nature disguise some of the very positive potential uses of QR codes? Among other areas, the codes are surfacing in health care as tools to better connect patients with specific physicians and resources, and also look to play a major role in volunteer recruitment, donations, and other aspects of the 2012 presidential election. So are QR codes a useful tool, or a marketing gimmick?

The short answer is that QR codes can do whatever you want them to–it’s up to us to design noble or novel uses for them. If you want to simply direct people from print to online resources, you can do so. If you want to make the world’s largest QR code, you can do that too (but you’ll have to beat Southern Resources and Hackerspace first!). Essentially, QR codes are valuable primarily because of their versatility–a versatility that Snap Hop helps harness and direct. Talk to us to learn more about what QR codes can do for you–it may be something that nobody’s thought of before.

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