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Will Google’s Acquisition of Wildfire Spark a More Social App Network?
Thursday, August 2nd, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Wildfire and Google logosWe already gave some ideas for awesome real-world takes on social after Salesforce acquired Buddy Media. So what will happen now that Google has bought social media marketing platform Wildfire? Here are three ways the partnership could revolutionize online marketing–perhaps in a dignified way.

1. Social Search

Everybody’s talking about it, nobody’s doing it very well–except maybe now Google? Personalized search results have been received with mixed feelings, but the search giant seems to be pressing on in that direction, and is now better positioned than ever to serve people ads based on both what they say they like (on Facebook) and what they actually searching for and do. In other words…

2. Better Facebook Ads

There’s been plenty of speculation regarding how well Facebook ads perform, as well as just how many bots are involved. Could Google data filter through Wildfire and help people make their Facebook campaigns–including ads–feel more likeable? Or will ads vanish altogether, in favor of better targeted sponsored stories and on-page promotions? Or perhaps there’s something consumers might prefer even more, such as…

3. Social App Network

The recent release of the Facebook App Center highlights how apps are a critical way for Facebook to keep users spending time on its platform. When it comes to apps, Google already has Play, which is a developer’s dream in some ways and could be on its way to really using search and social to promote apps in smart ways. Or will the Facebook App Center use social–and its users’ willingness to pay–to beat out Play?

Apps are a funny beast–despite their central role in the online experience, they can sometimes feel a little bit separate somehow. Distinctly unsocial, even. But you can bet that Google and Facebook would both like to change that. So who’ll be first–or best–at doing so? And how can they get there? Joining forces with social marketing experts may be the right step for Google–let’s see how that deal “plays” (get it) out.

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