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Integrating Technology into Meetings: Creating the Best Experiences
Monday, July 9th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Maritz, a market research and event planning company, recently issued a series of whitepapers on the future of meetings. We checked out the papers and came away with some great insights.

Mostly: technology is seen as critical, but there’s not yet a clear-cut way to use it. Integrating technology into events is top of mind for 22% of event planners, followed by experience design at 17%. (Check out other top considerations in the graph at right.) The combination of these two factors suggests that the real hot topic is integrating technology into the meeting experience.

There are many ways to go about integrating technology into events, from automated email blasts to tablet-based registration to Twitter screens at events. At SnapHop, we go about it in (at least!) three awesome ways:

1. Who’s there

SnapHop event websites allow you to see the social media profiles of everyone who’s registered for an event as an attendee or speaker. This makes it easy to find and contact others with a click before, during, or after events–a great way to build lasting connections.

2. What’s hot

Vote on session topics before an event using polls and surveys, or track popular topics with our new ShoutHop feature (try it for free today and create your own event-based social media messaging!). You’ll be better equipped than ever to really listen to (and compare) what people say they want at an event–and what they actually post about.

3. What’s next

Perhaps the key feature for meeting planners dedicated to improvement, figuring out what to to better next time can be a major endeavor for organizations that use paper surveys that have to be compiled and analyzed. Understand your audience in seconds with SnapHop post-event polls or ShoutHop outcomes that automatically aggregate audience responses and show what was most popular and influential at your event, as well as what people ask to see next time.

Using technology and creating a great experience aren’t contradictory. Although one meeting planner laments in the Maritz report, “Too much technology incorporated in a meeting can eliminate that face-to-face connection/communication,” the real problem likely isn’t “too much technology”–it’s the wrong technology. Meetings need simple technology that enhances the experience for the audience and facilitates production for the planner. SnapHop’s got it–so try us today!

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