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Why Mobile Commerce and Mobile Recruiting Alone Don’t Cut It
Thursday, April 30th, 2015 | Comments | Latest Posts

Mobile web traffic is expected to surpass desktop web traffic in the next year or two. But that doesn’t mean the desktop is going away entirely, nor that mobile is the only future we can foresee. With channel-agnostic platforms like Facebook and Twitter prepared to move wherever appeals to consumers most, and wearable fashion such as Nike+ Fuelband and Google Glass prepared to change the way we interact with technology, focusing only on mobile commerce, mobile recruiting, or mobile anything just won’t cut it.

Think about email. Whether you access your email account–personal or corporate–on your mobile phone, your laptop, or your desktop computer at work (assuming you’re one of the few who still have one of those!), you expect to see the same new messages, the same archived messages, the same sent messages. You expect consistent access to content across devices. Call it the cloud, call it cross-device compatibility, call it responsive design, or call it the future–whatever you call it, the expectation for a consistent experience everywhere is only growing.

Recruiting, including mobile recruiting, should be no different. Candidates shouldn’t be able to access a rich talent community when using a desktop computer, but nothing (or a funky, unreadable version of that talent community) on mobile. Candidates shouldn’t click on the link in a compelling tweet about a job posting only to be confronted with a job description that seems totally unrelated to the tweet itself. Instead, candidates should be able to interact with consistent content and messaging across devices. That’s why everything we do works on phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers alike.

Mobile is a part of an ecosystem, not a standalone entity. At SnapHop, we believe mobile is just one part of your comprehensive (mobile) recruitment branding efforts. That’s why going mobile with us doesn’t mean starting over. It means making sure what you’re doing now works for mobile recruitment, and that your mobile outreach works for your target audience of potential candidates. When you reach the right people using the right channel with the right message, you are boosting applications and hiring the right people. And that’s successful recruiting–mobile or otherwise.

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