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3 Tips for Using Mobile to Reach Passive Candidates
Friday, December 21st, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

In addition to the mythical “purple squirrel,” recruiters often talk of the mythical passive candidate. The passive candidate is seen as a skilled worker who’s already employed, but may be interested in an appealing opportunity. A common way to reach the passive candidate is email, but with most emails being read on mobile, providing a non-mobile-optimized experience risks being ignored. Here are 3 ways to leverage the importance of mobile when working to reach passive candidates:

1. Optimize for mobile

It can be hard, but try to ensure that the links you send to passive candidates lead to job postings that look good on mobile. If your candidate is currently employed, odds are low that he or she is reading your personal emails on the company desktop (though it’s not impossible!). Rather, passive candidates are probably checking email on mobile devices during coffee breaks or at lunch. So give your candidates something nice to look at, not a desktop-optimized site where they have to pinch and zoom to see anything interesting.

2. Get to the point

Someone who’s already pleasantly employed is probably not going to be turned on by flashy gimmicks. Passive candidates need a substantive reason to switch: higher earnings, more potential for advancement, more enjoyable work, or a more prestigious company. Make it clear what that reason would be, then get out of the way.

3. Make it easy to take action

Too many recruiters ask candidates to give them a phone call–not a choice that passive candidates will make during the busy workday or after hours when they want to relax. A phone call is just too much to ask of a noncommittal candidate. Instead, make it easy for your passive candidate to take a simpler action, like following you or your company on Twitter or liking you on Facebook. Social following is a natural action to take on mobile, and this also works the passive candidates into your social ecosystem, increasing the likelihood that interesting job posts will catch their eye (and already be mobile optimized by your social network!).

With mobile accounting for 1 in 8 pageviews, and mobile traffic expected to overtake web traffic imminently, you’re already missing out on passive candidates if your career ecosystem is not mobile friendly. Follow these tips to start giving your passive candidates a better experience, increasing the likelihood that they become active candidates–or hires.

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