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The Mobile Candidate Experience: Walking in a Job Seeker’s Shoes
Wednesday, March 30th, 2016 | Comments | Latest Posts

Did you ever wear shoes that didn’t fit? So tight, it hurts to walk? Hoping they will stretch out over time? Ouch!

A mobile job seeker’s experience can be similarly frustrating if you put yourself in their shoes. These days, candidates are not generally sitting at their desks or using a desktop computer. Instead, they are more likely sitting on a couch at home or a stool in a coffee shop swiping on their smartphone or tablet.

The experience can be deflating when sites are designed for 15 inch screens instead of their 4 inch screens. If the candidate doesn’t bounce immediately, they are discouragingly pinching and expanding to read what wasn’t designed for them. The job description may be very long, wordy and difficult to read as they turn the device trying to make their experience better. Even a simple task like scrolling to find the “Apply” button, can be maddening.

If or when the candidate finally taps “Apply”, they may find they can’t upload their resume. Like most people, they don’t store a copies of their resumes on their smart phone. Instead, they store important files in a convenient place like or Google Drive. Too many mobile sites still don’t offer this important feature. According to the mobile candidates, not having a resume on their mobile device is the #1 reason why they don’t apply.

At this point, the job seeker may have wasted a good 20-30 minutes trying to apply. They are not having a positive experience. How would you feel if this was you? What would you do?

50%-70% of job seekers are using their mobile devices. That is a lot of frustrated users and a lot of missed opportunities.

Nearly half of smartphone job seekers have reported having problems accessing job-related content because it wasn’t displaying properly on their mobile phone.

More than one-in-three have had trouble either entering the amount of text or submitting documents required to apply for a job.

Here is a list of important questions to ask yourself. Use your own mobile devices and inspect your site as a candidate. It’s important to your candidates to be brutally honest and complete with your answers.

  • How good does your careers site look on mobile? Is the experience truly engaging and positive for candidates?
  • Are your online employer branding and recruitment campaigns clearly presented on smaller mobile screens?
  • How well does SEO function for your site with mobile searches?
  • What are the popular sources (Google, Facebook, Indeed, etc.) mobile candidates use most to find your jobs? How easy is the transition for candidates to start from these sites and complete the mobile job application on your site?
  • How well does on-site search function on various mobile devices?
  • How long is the average duration of mobile visit to your site? Are candidates bouncing from certain landing pages or job pages?
  • Are your job descriptions formatted specifically for mobile?
  • Does your site provide enough insight and information to convert job seekers to applicants?
  • What percentage of mobile job seekers are applying for a job? Are they dropping out part way through? Are any steps in the application process not optimized for mobile?
  • Are your confirmation and post-application e-mails readable on mobile devices?
  • How does the mobile experience differ from a desktop for all the questions above?

Lastly, having your job site work on mobile devices is not enough – it has to work well on mobile devices. Don’t be satisfied with short cuts or 70% solutions. Many, many companies fall short of delivering an optimized mobile experience and risk frustrating candidates. Frustrated candidates are lost opportunities.

Put yourself in their shoes and ask yourself…would you buy shoes that don’t fit?Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.27.30 PM

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