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Ten Steps to Make Your Application Process Easier
Friday, July 24th, 2015 | Comments | Latest Posts

Do you think your company’s online application process is user friendly?  If you have simply placed a long list of jobs online, you may want to consider a better approach. By not providing convenient tools (ex. different ways of searching, auto-populating account data, resume uploading, automated notifications, etc.) for candidates, you are placing onus of work squarely on their shoulders.

Sites that make the candidates do all the work no doubt cause more frustration than most companies expect. In fact, a recent survey indicates that job seekers consider their job search as time-consuming (80%), stressful (78%), discouraging (71%), and painful (60%). Marketers call these issues “friction”.

One of the goals for your site should be to provide convenient functionality to limit the friction and frustration for applicants. In general, candidates are looking for options and simplicity around three main areas: 1) search and navigation, 2) sign in account and resume management, and 3) job alerts and notification.

What can you do to improve your site and reduce candidate frustration?  Here are ten steps for improved functionality.

  1. Ensure fast and accurate search as part of your career portal
  2. Include a location-based search function
  3. Improve your search engine ranking (SEO) through customized urls/domains, sitemap and targeted content
  4. Feature optional ways to navigate through jobs (ex. categories, locations, full vs. part-time, etc.)
  5. Allow candidates to login with social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)
  6. Allow candidates to apply without creating an account
  7. Allow resumes to be uploaded from various sources (Monster, DropBox, Google Drive, etc.)
  8. Minimize manual data entry by automatically populating fields
  9. Allow candidate to set up “job alerts”
  10. Notify (via email) when jobs get posted
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