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SXSWi Trends: From User to Creator
Saturday, March 10th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

About Me IconMy experience at SXSWi thus far was just epitomized by Baratunde Thurston in his Saturday afternoon keynote address, “How to Read the World.” When asked about what he hopes most for the future, he noted that he’d like to see users of tools become co-creators of tools. The theme of moving from consumption to creation and participation is a SXSWi trend that’s been echoed throughout the conference, perhaps best encapsulated by Clay Johnson‘s new Information Diet and its accompanying advice to not just make efforts toward conscious consumption but also become a creator yourself (Johnson himself writes 500 words first thing every day, something I’d like to motivate myself to do as well).

In addition to Johnson’s talk, other presentations at yesterday’s Mini TOC Austin centered on the notion of information overload and suggested creative solutions for actively participating in the publishing and creation process, not just consuming final products. Multiple suggestions supported using metadata, improved distribution, social recommendations, planned selectivity, and other techniques to ensure that the right content gets to the right destination, where it can be not only consumed but also re-used in interesting new ways.

Todd Sattersten‘s notion of every book as a start-up and related approach to publishing from an agile development perspective furthered the notion of collaborative creation instead of end-point consumption: there is no longer just one point when a single authority makes a final decision; small new decisions are continually made by multiple players along the way.

I really think we’re moving away from anonymous consumption to participatory creation (or at least I’m trying to do so myself!), and SnapHop is just one of many easy to use tools that can help people create their own innovative campaigns rather than simply consume what’s offered by others.

I’ll be looking for more SXSWi trends and more examples of consumers becoming creators all weekend, so stay tuned for more from SnapHop at SXSWi.

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