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Social Media for Recruiting? It’s a No Brainer!
Friday, August 14th, 2015 | Comments | Latest Posts

When it comes to social media, the recruiting industry gets it.  Approximately 93% of recruiters use or plan to use social media sites to support their traditional efforts.  And they have done this with great success.  Some of the benefits include: posting open positions, engaging candidates in popular places, finding connections and referrals, discovering top talent, evaluating applicants, and promoting the employer brand.

How do you get started using social media for recruiting? First, determine a proper strategy for using social sites that allows you to excel over your competition yet stay within budget.

Then choose the social sites that make sense for your business. While there are many niche sites that can help target specific demographics, the “no brainers” – namely Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn – are a must. These sites are consistently in the top 15 most popular sites in the world and Facebook is typically second (behind Google).

Lastly, keep in mind that your social recruiting strategy should include:

  • Finding and connecting with candidates and groups in your targeted demographic
  • Creating a branded Facebook jobs page
  • Tweeting job openings
  • Automating and scheduling job postings on a cadence
  • Making sure candidates on social sites can get to your application process
  • Determining if paid services and advertising is for you
  • Reviewing analytics to see what is working (and not working)

Did you know that job seekers are also using social sites?  Approximately 83% use Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to find their next job.  So if you are not using this type of media to advertise jobs and connect with candidates, you really should be more social.

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