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Recruiting Relationships: Sell Yourself on the First Date
Friday, July 31st, 2015 | Comments | Latest Posts

When a candidate visits your career portal they are essentially taking the first step in what they hope will be a long-term relationship with your company.  As with social relationships, there are certain unstated, but understood expectations from both parties that must be met for said relationship to “work out”.

Think of that initial visit to your career portal as a first date.  First and foremost, your candidates want to know about you.  Specifically, who you are, how you are different, what you believe in, and what value you provide.  In a career portal, this can be accomplished through brand and site design.  Effective branding and site design includes consistent and up-to-date messaging that is clear, concise, and transparent and means something to the visitor.

After all, the cornerstones of a healthy relationship are honesty, trust, and keeping promises, which also apply to the recruiting relationship.  Your candidates want you to be upfront and straightforward from the beginning, and having a clear and well-designed career portal is a great first step.

Fulfilling promises at every stage of the relationship is also key, and a brand promise is no exception.  When promises are broken, the reputation of the organization is called into question – and the brand suffers.  When promises are kept, audiences respond with loyalty.

So what can you do to ensure that your recruiting relationship gets off to the right start?

  • Reassess your portal by comparing it to your company to direct and indirect competition.
  • Clearly communicate your unique value proposition.
  • Ask relationship questions.
    • Would this company be my first choice?
    • Do I feel like I should trust the company?
    • Is there a community I can be part of?
    • Is there incentive to come back again and again?

Following these steps sets up your company for many long and fruitful relationships.


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