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QR Codes Connect Heineken Drinkers / Music Lovers
Friday, January 13th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Music festivals are typically thought of as great places to discover new bands. They’re not always conceived of as social purely events. But if you’re surrounded by people with similar taste in music, all having a good time, what’s to keep you from becoming buddies? Not much beyond plain old shyness.

Fortunately for the less forthcoming among us, Heineken has found a great way to break through that barrier–and no, it’s not beer. It’s QR codes:


Heineken’s custom QR code message sticker campaign is a great way to engage music fans in discussions that go beyond the beats. Consider something similar for any event where you want to encourage interactions that might not typically happen. This usage shows that QR codes aren’t just for QR code coupons–they can represent plain old socialization as well.

SnapHop can go a step further and provide engagement with actual audio and video. Our QR code campaigns for musicians and events feature songs and videos, and can even link to iTunes pages or social media sites. We aim to keep the engagement going long after the event, making mobile interactions have lasting value. There’s plenty of fun in QR code stickers, but there’s even more value in creating lifelong fans.

Video found via DigitalBuzzBlog

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