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Publishing is Not Just for Books Anymore
Friday, July 3rd, 2015 | Comments | Latest Posts

Are you new to the online publishing space?  Even so, you should know the term is not just for books anymore.  Recruiting teams use the word to describe how they post jobs online.  And traditionally, they have been of the mindset that more is better.

However, in online publishing this is not necessarily the case.  Publishing to as many job boards as possible has not actually yielded the results most had hoped for.  Primarily, the issue has been whether time and money is spent in the right places. In most cases, companies that blast out to as many job boards as possible loose the insight into what is actually working.

Today, it’s about providing the tools and data to turn the guessing game into a well thought out strategy and approach.  Need some tips for job postings?  Here is what you can do.

  • Start with proven sites like Dice, Indeed, and Simply Hired
  • Use popular social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Consider boutique job boards if you source in a niche market
  • Familiarize yourself with new places to publish. It is a huge differentiating factor to be one of the first companies to publish to a new space.
  • Publish to recommended sites from your current applications
  • Most importantly, use analytics to determine which publishing options are working (or not working)
  • Automate the process by using applications that can configure and schedule publishing

Lastly, job boards function differently and one size does not fit all. Don’t assume that candidates can fully apply for your jobs from any device simply because they are posted on a job board – the truth is they can’t. It is important to understand how job boards work, how they are different from your own hosted site, and if they are for you.

Start with a controlled and measurable publishing process to a few sites and expand where necessary. The key is to have a well thought out publishing strategy and analytics to measure success.

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