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Just Another Mobile Marketing Monday: Mobile App and Mobile Browser Usage Statistics
Monday, February 27th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Mobile Campaign ContentHere at SnapHop, we continually bring you the latest and greatest in mobile statistics, sourced from multiple research reports and our own surveys, as well as inbound reader submissions. We track them all on our mobile marketing statistics page, which we update almost daily. Every Monday, we highlight a statistic of particular interest to us—and, hopefully, to you as well. Here’s today’s stat, and what it means for mobile marketers.

According to the comScore 2012 Mobile Future in Focus report:

  • 47.5% of US mobile users accessed content using mobile browsers
  • 47.6% of US mobile users accessed content through mobile apps
  • 38.1% of EU mobile users accessed content using mobile browsers
  • 38.2% of EU mobile users accessed content through mobile apps

In other words, consumer usage of mobile apps and mobile browsers is almost exactly equal (even across markets). This indicates that mobile device users are more than willing to access content in multiple ways, and that an app is not always the best access method (though it certainly can be). To ensure that you reach consumers in the way that works best for them, your mobile outreach plans should start with investigating how your audience accesses content on a mobile device, and move on from there.

Because we understand that consumers don’t access mobile content in only one way, SnapHop’s mobile marketing platform makes it possible to drive mobile content access through the mobile web or apps. We create promotions that are part of a comprehensive mobile strategy aimed at connecting with users when and where it counts, fostering continued interactions that build community.

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