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Monday, April 23rd, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Recently, we came across this article talking about The Three Rs of Modern Marketing for brands. The first R is Reach, which indicates that brands need to reach largest number of audience possible at a reasonable cost. This is especially true at this day and age when there are so many channels available in reaching out to one’s customers: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Mobile Web, QR Code, SMS, email, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, Foursquare, YouTube, etc… More are coming everyday and some are going away (MySpace)! How does one brand manage all these channels and effectively connect with its customers?

The answer is simple: try them all and track the analytics. It’s discovery process that all brands need to go through to find effective marketing channels. Many times, one will be surprised where its most loyal customers are hanging out. It may not be the usual big three: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.  It may be Tumblr; it may be Pinterest; it may even be Instagram. Going forward, there is not going to be any single dominant marketing channel anymore. Consumers are constantly trying new things (social networks, mobile apps, location services, etc…) and brands need to be ready to move together with their customers onto the next big thing.

One more thing. It’s a global economy and please do not ignore one’s international audience. For many global brands, it is the largest part of the customer base and it’s growing fast everyday!   Take Sina’s Weibo for example. It is the largest micro-blogging service in China with over 300 million registered users, which is almost twice the number of users that Twitter has globally! They use many of the same brands that people do in North America. Can many brands today afford not to effectively communicate with them?

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