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Mobile-Optimized Information: Making Mobile Meaningful
Thursday, January 19th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Jay Baer recently described the ideal use of QR codes: “QR codes should unlock information, not a destination.” At SnapHop, we recognize the need for providing concise, relevant, mobile-optimized information to mobile users. That’s why we offer several ways to do so, and several types of mobile-optimized information to work with:

Types of info to share on mobile
Mobile Marketing Information Types

  • Biography (personal information)
  • Product information
  • Multimedia files (audio and video)
  • Maps (geographic information)
  • Polls (consumer-generated information)
  • And more!

By scanning a SnapHop QR code, people can access mobile information they wouldn’t otherwise have, in a mobile context where they’re poised to act on it. Whether that target action is making a purchase, registering for an event, or taking another targeted action, SnapHop is using information to drive people to action on the go.

Some mobile marketing campaigns are designed primarily to generate buzz. And that’s fine. This Scandinavian Airlines mobile campaign requires two phones to work—clever, surely, but is it really useful? At SnapHop, we’ll always take effective over flashy. We recognize that you are the destination. We just use mobile as a way to provide the information that helps people reach you and take action.

Do you go to mobile for information or as a destination in itself? Tell us in the comments!

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