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Making Mobile Event Websites Easy
Monday, July 2nd, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Mobile event websiteYou know that your busy audience is likely to check your event website on a mobile device. So why not optimize your event website for mobile? Although some content management systems offer mobile compatibility options or plugins, they’re often not aimed at creating a mobile optimized site from the get-go. ConferenceHop is.

From the time you enter your event’s date and location to the time you publish it for audience consumption, ConferenceHop allows you to preview changes on mobile in real time. That means you’ll instantly know whether descriptions are too long for mobile consumption, alignment is off on mobile, or images are too large for reasonable mobile consumption.

A mobile optimized menu also makes navigation through your mobile event website easy. Just click the menu in the upper left of the mobile screen to get to a different page. Rather than continually clutter the screen with menu options, make the most of mobile real estate with an unintrusive menu.

And don’t make mobile an afterthought–start with mobile. Your audience will. And making mobile easy for them from the beginning means that they’ll return to your mobile event website time after time for the information they need–before, during, and after your event.

Sign up for SnapHop’s ConferenceHop for free today, and build a mobile site before you go home. You’ll be tickled with the results.

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