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Makeup Ads for Men? Mobile Ad Targeting Problems
Tuesday, April 24th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Breaking news! Ads miss their targets, whether they’re freeway billboard missed by distracted drivers or web ads served up to the wrong folks. This can be as simple as incorrectly targeted grocery ads or as wasteful as makeup ads served up to men. One study found that women’s personal care ads were targeted correctly 25% of the time, with 47% of the ads being shown to men rather than women.

Mobile ad targeting problems have a variety of causes, including the sheer difficulty of linking user data to their browsing habits. Until ad networks improve, what’s an advertiser to do? You can start by making ’em come to you. Inbound mobile marketing and mobile SEO are great ways to bring your audience to you, rather than pushing out the wrong ads to them on impersonal, unrelated networks. Once you’ve achieved the coveted Facebook like or Twitter follow, you can publish out the content that will bring people to you, and make them lasting customers. And since social networks (often) know more about their users than content sites (unless those sites are taking advantage of social connections), linking to your audience that way can help make your outreach more effective.

SnapHop makes it easy to make mobile optimized content that will motivate people to follow you and engage. Try us today and stop wasting ad dollars on mistargeted ads!

Image by Diana Garcia, used under creative commons license.

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