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Harnessing User Behavior for Mobile Recruitment: 3 Steps for HR Tech
Monday, October 8th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Add credentials for mobile recruitmentThere’s a lot of great discussion going on at the annual HR Technology Conference this week. Much of it relates to technology, but some discussions are going a step further, and asking how companies can relate new technologies to new user behaviors. And what’s located right at the intersection of technology and behavior? Mobile.

Mobile usage is higher than ever, and only continues growing. People are constantly connected to almost any type of communication through their mobile devices. So how can recruiters take advantage of this connectivity to find top candidates? And what are the ways in which Here are three ways that companies can ensure that mobile recruitment works for their candidates.

1. Keep it short and sweet

Mobile users browse. A lot. They don’t necessarily want to read long, involved job descriptions or fill out complicated forms to express interest in a position. Much of mobile use is task-oriented and transactional–responding to emails, for example, or checking the day’s schedule–or passive and circumstantial, such as monitoring news or social media sites or apps, or playing games. Sending your candidates to long, non-mobile-optimized sites is a good way to ensure they’ll pass on your opportunity.

2. Make it a teaching interaction

What is your goal when a candidate looks at your career site? The ultimate goal may be for the candidate to apply, but a critical step in that process is teaching the candidate about your company. If a candidate comes away from your career site knowing little more than a standard job title or two, it’s hard to consider your interaction a success. But if your candidate learns a few core principles about the company’s mission and values, he or she will be able to remember those, and be able to find the company again when looking for a job, or suggest the company when a friend or colleague starts the search. Your recruitment team is as big as the number of people who truly understand what your company does and why it’s important–so grow that team! Humans crave novel information and interaction–give it to them.

3. Offer options–but not too many

Career sites tend to have a heck of a lot of options: learn about job types, learn about the company, search or browse jobs, save jobs for later. These can be too many options for mobile recruitment sites, if not presented gracefully. Focusing a mobile career site on search and on a few popular options is the way to go. It should be intuitive for candidates to find jobs and apply immediately or save for later. If there are options to refer a friend, post on Facebook, upload a resume, or browse company news, all available multiple times in different locations, candidates may become confused.

Job searching can be a difficult process for candidates, and finding the right candidates can be difficult for recruiters. But keeping it simple, teaching candidates something, and offering a few options on mobile can go a long way toward creating a great mobile recruitment experience for candidates. And if you’re ready, try RecruitingHop’s mobile recruitment solutions to catch their attention–we make it easy to get started fast with successful mobile interactions.

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