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Getting Charged Up for mRecruitingCamp: Three Reasons to Explore the Value of Mobile Recruiting
Tuesday, September 11th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

SnapHop is proud to be a sponsor of mRecruitingcamp, the recruiting industry’s only conference focused on mobile. As job seekers proliferate, companies need a way to attract the best candidates by making it easy for them to express interest in opportunities. Here are three points that support the value of mobile to any recruiter or company.

1. Recruiting is valuable

A recent study suggests that recruiting has 5.5 times as much performance impact as any other Human Resources function. And analysis of the best companies to work for shows that the stock prices of these firms has increased 100% in the last 10 years, compared with 10% for the market as a whole. That’s more than 10 times the results. The people at your company matter, so it’s important to get the right ones in the door.

2. Top candidates use mobile

Some research has found mobile users to be better educated, more affluent, and more likely to adopt new technologies. If you want highly educated, financially successful people on the cutting edge of technology to work for you, you must recruit them on the channel they prefer. Mobile allows for quick response, easy followup, and seamless integration with other systems that your ideal candidates already use to show off their achievements. The value of mobile recruiting comes from the quality of candidate it can recruit–so take advantage of it.

3. Jobs need numbers

The latest job reports show job growth slowing, except in some key industries where mobile makes sense: food service and technical services. Hiring for food service positions, with their rapid turnover, can be accelerated and improved by making it possible to apply via mobile, and high-tech folks are typically well equipped to apply for jobs from their favorite devices. Making the job application process mobile can help accelerate the hiring process for economically important industries.

Mobile also makes it easier to collect detailed information for analysis. Making human resources a decision science requires having the data to do so. Mobile provides an ideal channel for the rapid collection and instant analysis of data about candidates, enabling recruiters and HR executives to better understand the type of people who are responding to–and succeeding in–their positions.

In short, the value of mobile recruiting is that it helps you get the best data on the people who can add the most value to your organization. How can you say no? Take your jobs mobile today and see results tomorrow.

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