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For The Birds: Mobile Gaming Habits Are Human
Thursday, April 19th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Angry Birds screenshotMobile isn’t just about marketing–it’s also about fun. And sometimes that fun comes in the form of mobile games. Everyone’s heard of Zynga, the Farmville creator that’s taken Facebook by storm. But what about Kixeye?

According to TechCrunch, Kixeye ranks low on the Facebook games ecosystem, but has a high level of revenue per user thanks to its fairly complex and immersive games. This distinguishes the gaming company both from other services (such as, say, Instagram) that have little in the way of user-generated revenue, as well as from other games with a simpler user experience that’s further removed from complex online games like WoW or Civ.

Games are among the most popular mobile activities, and are also the most popular type of paid app, with more than half of the top App Store paid apps being games. So what makes mobile games so powerful? We propose, in part, the force of habit. Games help create habits by offering every element of a habit. These are:

Cue (push notifications, and/or just the sight of the game icon on your phone screen)
Reward (often points, or whatever other system the game has set up)
Routine (playing the game while commuting, waiting, or when notifications are received)

Establishing mobile gaming habits, whether through Facebook or otherwise, has huge profit potential for gaming companies. But the games themselves aren’t the only way to profit: ads within games are also a big moneymaker ($6 billion a month for Angry Birds alone, if you can believe it). The force of habit is a profitable one.

Beyond habit, what makes mobile games so compelling? There’s also a simple human element to it all: we want to win. And though we can’t win at everything in our daily lives, sometimes we can win at mobile games. Or so we think, and we just keep trying.

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