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5 Reasons Why Facebook Social Job Postings Suck
Thursday, November 15th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Facebook Jobs FailFacebook proudly launched its Social Job Postings yesterday. I immediately tried out the app, and was sorely disappointed. There’s no robust infrastructure, no amazing mobile experience. In fact, there’s no mobile–or social–experience at all.

The app sorta looks okay, but–much like a well-formatted resume that turns out to belong to a nightmare employee–there’s no substance beneath the surface.

So, Facebook Social Job Postings, how are you fail? Let us count the ways.

1. Not mobile

Despite Mark Zuckerberg’s recent profession that a mobile-first strategy drives Facebook, there’s nothing mobile about Social Job Postings. It doesn’t work at all on mobile, and even if it did, it leads to job post pages that are decidedly not mobile friendly. That’s a mobile fail.

2. Not social

There’s no way for me to share the job results I find on my friends’ Facebook walls. That means, even if I run across a position that’s perfect for someone I know–and am connected to within the Facebook ecosystem–I can’t share that post without going through extra steps like clicking through, copying and pasting, and sharing the link on the friend’s wall. That’s a social fail, and one that’s pretty egregious for the world’s largest social network.

3. Not local

Searching for jobs within 5 miles of a San Francisco zip code produces results in, among other locations, Great Britain. I’m not a geography expert, but I don’t think that’s particularly close by.

4. Not jobs

As a writer, “writer” is often my go-to job search for testing, and it sometimes produces interesting results. This time, the results were interesting, but not for the content of the work. Although I specified my location in the search (see epic fail #3), all of my dozen or so top results were for writing positions in various cities, with the option to work remotely–even though I didn’t ask for that. I’m familiar with the setup, which pays writers by pageviews. There is almost no way that a person could support a family on pay. (Even an otherwise laudatory article admits that.) That’s not a job, and that’s an employment fail. (Now, later today, purports to have no career openings. Maybe the Social Job Postings worked well enough to match people with all the gigs?)

5. Not postings

They’re links. The Social Job Postings app consists primarily of (very) brief snippets of established job postings, along with links to (non-mobile-optimized) job postings on other networks–or sometimes even the base job site, not the specific posting. That’s it. There’s no functional filtering functionality (not even location, apparently), no job detail within the app, no ability to save jobs or send in applications.

That’s 5 major fails in one single app. You might forgive that for a high schooler’s first Facebook app development project, but for a major effort by Facebook and five big job boards? Epic fail, times 5. You’re better off looking for jobs elsewhere. Or maybe you should send your application in to Facebook. Looks like they could use some good people.

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