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Everyone Hates Traffic: Except Online
Friday, July 10th, 2015 | Comments | Latest Posts

If you have a particularly long or slow commute, you know what we are talking about.  Commuter traffic can be brutal, but online traffic is just the opposite.  Online traffic means that candidates are visiting your site, which is an essential goal.  When you have a significant amount of traffic, how do you know you are tracking and using it effectively?

This is where analytics come in.  Analytics have become so important to measure traffic and therefore to help make educated recruiting and process decisions.  Data needs to be captured, stored, organized, and presented to give accurate insight into what is truly happening with candidates, jobs, technology, geographies, and so on.

Fortunately, there are analytics available that focus on the recruiting process and can give you proper insight to make good decisions.  For example:

  • Referral traffic – determines if dollars are going in the right places (e.g. Is my pay per click costs on Indeed worth the money?)
  • Candidate profiling – assists in understanding candidates’ behavior
  • Page traffic – expresses most popular pages in the career portal
  • Popular search terms – determines terms that are trending (thus the words to use in job descriptions)
  • Process reports – let’s you distinguish if users are completing or partially completing processes (e.g. are users simply looking at jobs, or fully completing job applications, etc.)
  • Geography reports – illustrates geographical areas where candidates are interested
  • Category reports – reveals the job categories (e.g. IT or Healthcare or Energy) that are getting the most traffic
  • Technology detection – provides visibility into what devices, browsers, and OSs candidates are using and what you need to support
  • Export data – export analytic data (e.g. to Microsoft Excel) to provide custom reports or share outcomes

Can anyone learn to love traffic?  Commuter traffic – doubtful. But online traffic – absolutely!

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