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Does Your Marketing Need a Little Salt? 4 Ways to Flavor Your Existing Marketing Program
Monday, May 7th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Add some salt to your marketing!This post is the first in BookBiz, a series on (non-business) books that have inspired us to look at business differently. Stay tuned for more, or suggest a book we should read!

I’m currently reading Mark Bitterman’s Salted, a gorgeous love letter to the savory mineral that covers more types of salt than I ever suspected might exist. From fleur de sel to sel gris to Japanese shio salt, Bitterman’s salts have the flavor bases covered. But does your business?

It’s easy to get trapped into the routine of following a marketing “recipe”: create the call to action, publish the blog post, send the email newsletter. And while these core elements will certainly nourish your marketing program, bringing in new customers and informing the old, they can start to taste a little bland after a while–both to you and to your customers.

So how can you keep your marketing efforts bursting with flavor? Here are a few ways to flavor the standard ways you market, without having to cook up new initiatives from scratch.

1. Take a bite out of mobile

We’re big proponents of mobile, but going mobile can be daunting (which is why we have a full set of mobile marketing resources for you!). That’s why it can be so great to start small. Try a mobile microsite (made with SnapHop!) for your next event, or consider an in-store promotion that provides instant discounts to consumers who text in entries.

2. Taste a new metric

I know, you’ve got a lot of metrics already. From pageviews to CPM, you may feel overwhelmed. But how do you know that your standard metrics are the right metrics? Take a week or two to track mobile visits separately from web visits, test the response to a mobile-optimized version of your email newsletter, or look at browser metrics for your ad clicks. Tweaking a metric slightly or looking at something new may shed new light on what you’re already doing, sort of like putting some pink Hawaiian alaea salt on your fish instead of Morton Salt.

3. Ask spicy questions

There’s often a lot of focus on needing to be an expert in your field. But being an expert shouldn’t preclude you from asking good questions–in fact, the more you know, the more you’ll wonder. Instead of trying to be the expert in every situation, consider asking the tough questions and inciting some real debate. It may burn a little, but the results will be worth it.

4. Face-to-face flavor

Websites, blog posts, emails, tweets, and phone calls are great, but they can never replace the full flavor of face-to-face interaction. Whether this means setting a lunch date or planning an event, make sure to sprinkle some real-world time among your virtual marketing efforts.

Which of these methods have you tried–and which did you savor most? We want to hear from you!

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