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Convert Your Ideal Candidate into an Applicant with a Mobile Job Site in 3 Easy Steps
Thursday, September 13th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Mobile job site postingsLet’s face it: you probably won’t find your ideal job applicant by trolling LinkedIn. Why not? Because the best of the best have worked hard to get themselves into positions they like at companies that are successful. So how can you rise above job boards and LinkedIn postings to find the people you need most?

Mobile job sites are a great way to appeal to high quality candidates. Your best prospects will be super-busy people who have limited time to engage with potential opportunities. Sending a link to a concise but compelling mobile job site that clearly communicates the value of your company and your position might make all the difference in converting a stellar candidate.

So what are the steps that will get you there? It’s as easy as one, two, three.

1. Define your employment brand

This is a simple step to list, but a difficult one to execute. Your employment brand is an offshoot of your company brand: it’s not just about why what the company does is important, but why employees specifically are important, and why they’ve chosen to work there. It’s about what makes the company a fun and rewarding place to work. It’s about what will make someone click “apply.”

2. Clearly communicate your brand on mobile

It’s one thing to define your brand, but another to communicate it successfully. Many companies engage in expensive branding exercises, but fail to take the next step and share evidence of the brand with prospects, especially on mobile. Use short bulleted lists and vivid employee testimonials on your mobile job site. Images and video can show much more than your content can say. And one great video with real people in it is better than pages of flowery marketingspeak.

3. Make it easy to apply for and share jobs

Your prospects probably have an easier time sharing cat videos than sharing your job posts. Make sure every job posting has links to share on social networks so you can leverage your candidate network’s connections. Even if your appealing mobile branding doesn’t work for your ideal candidate, she’ll be able to share your mobile job site with her network of high achievers.

Do these top tips give you what you need to get started with your mobile job site? If not, why not? What mobile job site challenges are you encountering with your mobile recruitment efforts? We love to hear a challenge–and help solve it.

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