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Checking In on the Post-PC World: Effective Mobile Marketing Tactics
Monday, March 26th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Checking InAt last Thursday’s Mobile Marketing Day, Digitas‘ Chia Chen discussed the post-PC marketing world, emphasizing the necessity of providing relevant information when consumers are in the appropriate context or mindset to act on the data they receive from marketing pushes. Unlike PC marketing, which reaches users when they are in a less mobile, more stationary environment, various mobile marketing tactics have the potential to reach consumers at key decision points.

Recent data suggest that mobile’s core role is in part enabled by its contextuality, with proximity marketing emerging as an effective branch of “post-PC” strategy. To support the effectiveness of proximity marketing, MediaPost cites an IBM study saying that 72% of consumers will act on marketing messages received while in sight of the retailer–an impressive statistic.

This makes it clear that consumers are ready to take action, but there’s still a critical element to nail for proximity marketing: getting the information that allows for appropriately contextualizing the call to action. If consumers check in to locations or constantly share where they are, marketing messages are obviously easier to personalize. TechCrunch points out that checking in is an obstacle to providing appropriate messaging, saying “Check-in becomes valuable when we don’t notice it.” At the same time, receiving location-based offers can seem “creepy” if we haven’t consciously shared our location.

So what’s the solution? One possible way to address the post-PC proximity marketing dilemmas is to offer many options: check in here, scan this code, text this number, or even–gasp–ask a staff member about current in-store promotions. We’ve seen that apps can supplant salespeople in some retail environments, but there still remain users who may want to deal with real people over any of the many mobile marketing tactics available. Companies need to cater to these individuals while exploring how mobile technology can help boost their message in context.

Retro check-in image found at Word of Mouth tees.

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