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BrandChat Highlights: Knowing Your Client Is Key In Any Medium
Wednesday, April 11th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Brandchat on messagingBrand Chat is a brand-focused Twitter chat (hashtag #brandchat) that happens every Wednesday morning at 8 Pacific / 11 Eastern. It’s a great way to for West Coasters to wake up and jump right into some thought-provoking conversation around branding. Today’s chat raised some interesting points about the division between medium and message, so we thought we’d take a moment to tackle some BrandChat highlights of today’s topic, working from our perspective as a group of people working to build successful messaging across multiple media (with a focus on mobile).

We’ll focus on one particular questions from today’s chat, which featured four inquiries:

Q2: How can we as brand advocates & advisors guide our clients and companies to make good decisions about method & message?

One of our favorite answers came from John Bell, who asserted, “In today’s world there’s so much talk of medium but little on message. The heart of [great] branding is still [great] positioning.” This sentiment is on point, but I think (or hope) that any talk about medium inherently involves messaging considerations. While positioning should always be consistent–i.e., based on the same core values and capabilities–across media, it should also be adapted to those media. For example, you may represent yourself slightly differently in a SnapHop social shout-out campaign than in a Wall Street Journal op-ed. There’s more room for fun, shareable messaging in a mobile campaign, and more room for serious intellectual engagement in the WSJ. That said, the core message in both media should be consistent.

Noni Cavaliere added, “know your client properly … [I’ve] seen many reps that know little [about] client story.” We’d extend this to include not just the client, but also the client’s customer–what is their story, and what are their needs? The Lance Hayes underscored this idea, saying “focus on [your] consumers and ask [yourself] is this message something of value to them and will it unite or [divide] them?” The question of unity is a crucial one, and it’s also related to providing customers with a unified experience across media.

Consumers shouldn’t have to wonder whether a campaign encountered on both a billboard and a mobile device is from the same company. Consistent branding and consistent (but medium-adapted) messaging will help reinforce a valuable, unified experience for the customer.

SnapHop is working hard to give you tools to reinforce your brand message across many channels, especially social media and mobile. So we wonder: Is there something you wish you could do on mobile that you can’t right now? Let us know and we’ll try to develop a solution for you! And stay tuned for more BrandChat highlights and other branding considerations in the future.


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