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A Guide to Promoting Pop-Up Stores Online
Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Perfect popcornPop-up stores, like corporate events, are a great way to bring your product or service to life. Rather than languishing on the web, hoping for some Google hits or retweets, you can get out in front of folks and show off what you do. And pop-ups aren’t just for online stores: everything from Fords to fashion is being promoted in pop-ups these days. But just because you’re creating a pop-up store doesn’t mean you can just build a booth out of cardboard boxes and start accosting passerby. Here are some tips for promoting pop-up stores online to ensure your experiment will be a success.

1. Have an agenda

Ever seen kids at a lemonade stand either yawning for lack of customers, desperately offering discounts, or resorting to hopscotch or biking instead of sales? They got the pop-up part right, but didn’t do enough planning. You’ll have a long day ahead of you if you don’t plan some activities to keep you and your audience busy. You don’t have to recruit ten high-profile industry speakers, but at least have a few scheduled events, perhaps a demo or giveaway, or even consider an audience challenge. Of course you can demo your product all day, but offering specific timeframes for specific activities can help provide focus to the experience and also motivate people to show up for a particular event instead of vaguely planning to “stop by whenever.” Create an agenda early on and make it available to folks both online and at the pop-up location, both on a clearly visible display and through a mobile option.

2. Promote participation

A pop-up event is an opportunity for people to get hands on with your product or service. Make sure your event is well staffed, but not overstaffed–you want to have more customers than salespeople, so invite local industry insiders, journalists, and potential customers early and often, and make it clear to them who else is coming. Nothing motivates people to show up at an event like knowing their colleagues and friends will be there too. When offering a pop-up, local involvement is key. Consider getting nearby coffee shops or delis on board by advertising there and perhaps offering special deals (such as coffee coupons for trying your product) to drive traffic between your pop-up and their location so everyone benefits!

3. Share, share, share

One of the biggest advantages to a pop-up store is the ongoing opportunity to share engaging content all day long: images, sound bites, and even video from the big day. Make sure to share such gems early and often, encouraging retweets and shares across your network of followers to build buzz and encourage people in the area to come by. But the sharing can’t happen only during the event. Do your diligence and share your message with local media before the event, and follow up with them afterward as well to get appropriate coverage. Pop-ups are still new enough to be newsworthy, so take advantage of the opportunity to get some press action. And share everything that happened with all your fans and friends who wouldn’t be there. The event should look awesome enough to promote future participation!

SnapHop tools make it easily to quickly create and share agendas for any kind of event, including a pop-up store. Try us today and see how we can extend your pop-up experience beyond the bounds of your location! And whatever you do, don’t fight the law with your pop-up: make sure you get all the necessary permits well in advance. Happy popping!

Popcorn image by Ayelie used under Creative Commons license

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