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5 Inbound Mobile Marketing Tactics
Thursday, April 12th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts
Texting on a qwerty keypad phone
Texting on a qwerty keypad phone

A recent article in the NY Times addressed an annoying trend — Text Message Spam. Our cell phones are one of the last vestiges of private communication between friends & family. Now, much like telemarketers hammer landlines and spammers attack email boxes, B2C marketers have begun spamming us via our mobile phones through indiscriminate texting.

This is a problem not just for consumers, but for marketers as well. Not all text message marketing communications are illegitimate or sprayed around with a shotgun approach. Text message marketing can easily be mentally grouped with get-rich-quick schemes and sleazy advertisements for cheap mortgages & 1-900 dating lines (do 900 numbers still exist?), but it can also provide valuable information to consumers who opt in.

The big problem for marketers is that mobile is not only an emerging marketing channel, but probably one of the most important ones giving them the best access to consumers. So how can this growing stigma be overcome? Easy: inbound mobile marketing.

Here are 5 ways to perform inbound mobile marketing:

  1. Treat the Offline World As a Glorified Search Engine: Folks move about offline much like they do online: some inspired, some simply browsing. When they encounter marketing material that appeals to them, use that fleeting moment to build a future relationship. Inserting mobile touch-points such as text message shortcodes or QR codes into existing offline material achieves this goal.
  2. Convert Your Mobile Website into a Call to Action: If people are browsing the web on their smartphone, there’s a good chance you have a very limited timeframe to work with them. Your mobile website is one of the best assets in your arsenal, so set call-to-actions right then and there to begin your relationship with a new user.
  3. Create Highly Specific, Mobile-Optimized Landing Pages for the Suddenly Inspired: Returning to the idea that you have a limited timeframe, there’s a good chance a consumer browsing via the mobile web is looking for something very specific. Using the landing-page strategy, create a series of highly specific and mobile-optimized landing pages to engage with them immediately.
  4. Mobile Optimize Your Email: As I mentioned in a previous post, whether you know it or not, you’re mobile marketing now. Email is a huge touch-point where this occurs and many users will only read your message once. By optimizing your emails for mobile, you’re working with their limited timeframe and interest. Now bring them into the beginnings of your customer engagement with inbound mobile marketing calls to action in email.
  5. Make Use of Location-based Services: Many ad-networks and mobile applications are prime fodder for working with highly targeted demographics. Location-based services give you the opportunity to make your marketing dollars more efficient while working with potential consumers who are looking for something like your offering right then and there.

Any of these inbound mobile marketing tactics will help you build an audience for your message, not build a reputation for mobile as spam. ave you tried any of these tactics? What were your results?

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