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3 x 3: Diving Deeper into a Great Mobile Recruiting Experience
Tuesday, January 15th, 2013 | Comments | Latest Posts

For 2013, we bring you a regular weekly series: “3 x 3” deep dives, where we expand on 3 elements of a great mobile recruiting experience and offer 3 specific recommendations for how you can take your company to the next level in that area. Let’s dive in!

Just as there are a lot of opinions on what makes a good movie—witness the mixed reaction to The Hobbit for a few examples—there are plenty of opinions on what makes a good mobile recruiting experience. Some camps argue that there should be an app for everything, while others vociferously support mobile websites. Neither side is entirely right or wrong.

In the past, we’ve provided some materials on how to go mobile—including comparing mobile web and mobile apps. This week, we delve a little deeper into three elements of a great mobile recruiting experience—app or otherwise. We’ve picked three of the top 10 mobile best practices from Google that we find most relevant from a recruiting perspective:

• Keep it quick
• Make it easy to convert
• Make it local

Read on for more detail on why each of these elements is important, as well as three actionable tips on how to use each best practice to transform your mobile recruitment experience.

Keep it quick

Mobile uses a transactional model. Mobile users typically employ mobile devices to find specific, actionable information, or to browse content (often pre-selected through social connections or subscriptions) to see what sparks interest. People do not typically grab their mobile devices to download a PDF job description, watch a long Flash animation about a company, or fill out a seven-page form detailing their background and interests. Mobile users want something relevant that they can digest quickly, with minimal effort.

Here are 3 easy ways your company can “keep it quick” on mobile:

+ Use catchy, readable job descriptions
+ Showcase short, compelling video testimonials from current employees
+ Select relevant industry news bites

Make it easy to convert

Before you can streamline the conversion process for your mobile users, you have to ask one big question: what does “conversion” mean? The ultimate recruitment goal for your mobile career site might be a new hire, but what are some of the “mini-conversions” you can prompt along the way?

A job application is an obvious one, but a social media follow is desirable as well Social connections keep people in touch with your company on channels they use frequently, increasing the likelihood that mobile users will discover an act on a relevant job opening in the future.

Here are 3 ways to make it easy for mobile users to convert:

+ Promote your social content on your mobile site
+ Place social links in a prominent location
+ Ask mobile users to follow, like, and retweet you

Make it local

Remote work is on the rise, but location still plays a major role in many employment decisions. You need to tap into top talent in your area and develop strategies to highlight the benefits of the places where you’re hiring. This could be as simple as re-using (with permission) videos from a local tourism agency or as involved as developing a whole section of your mobile site devoted to local amenities and community. The possibilities are limitless, but always remember that you need to get permission to collect location information from mobile users.

Here are 3 ways to make it local on mobile:

+ Get permission to use location information
+ Tailor job listings to a candidate’s current or preferred location
+ Highlight what’s great about every area with job openings

There you have it: a 3 x 3 matrix with 9 awesome, actionable items to take to improve your mobile career site content. So what are you waiting for? Start building a great mobile recruitment experience today.


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