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12 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Career Site (Part 1)
Wednesday, November 7th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Microsoft career sitesThe popular recruiting blog recently featured a great post on 12 ways to improve your corporate career site. We liked a lot of them, but thought they could use a little tweaking to reflect our expertise with regard to what’s soon to be the biggest channel for accessing the web: mobile. A great mobile career site shares many characteristics with a great “regular” career site, with a few caveats for taking into account unique features of the channel.

Here’s a quick reimagining of the many ways to improve your mobile career site, featuring the mobile tips and their corporate inspiration side by side. We hope it helps you get started with building a mobile career site that attracts top talent.

Career Site Tip 1: Avoid Visibility and Death by Clicks
Mobile Career Site Tip 1: Keep It Simple

Simplicity is even more important on mobile than on a career site designed for the desktop. Hidden options are bad enough when you have a mouse and a large screen, but on a smartphone? Forget it. Your mobile career site should have a simple menu that focuses on core options such as search, sort (by job type and location), company information, and contact details. That’s about it. If you think you need more, ask yourself why, and whether what you want to add can be better accomplished within the job description itself.

Career Site Tip 2: Let Me Send My CV to You Speculatively, or Let Me Register for Job Alerts
Mobile Career Site Tip 2: Social Is the Optimal Alert

Your mobile site should definitely be oriented toward action. One of these actions might be signing up for alerts, particularly those related to a particular type of job. But another option with great potential, particularly on mobile, is the social media follow. Social media and email are among the top uses on mobile, rivaled primarily by news consumption and gaming. An email alert is great, but social media helps you build a relationship with a candidate over time, even when there may not be specific openings. Getting the social follow builds a community of candidates who are interested in what you have to say, and tuned into the channel where you’re saying it!

Career Site Tips 3 & 4: Add Some Video … to the Job Description; Add Some Video … About the Company
Mobile Career Site Tip 3/4: Add Some Video – But Offer Alternatives

Like social, video is big on mobile. But mobile screens aren’t exactly big. Including a video with your job posts is one possibility, but you should always ensure that the video is enhanced with compelling, concise content for users who may not want to watch on the small screen.

Videos are helpful both for advertising individual jobs and providing an overview of what it’s like to work somewhere. We think the latter is particularly important, and suggest creating a custom employment branding page–complete with video–that communicates your corporate culture in a “show, don’t tell” type of way. Videos (and photos) are great assets in this endeavor.

Career Site Tip 5: Give Your Careers Site a Different Look
Mobile Career Site Tip 5: …but Not too Different

Career sites are often separate from companies’ main websites, and mobile career sites even more so. Nothing’s more frustrating than navigating to a company’s website on your phone and being directed to the mobile site (which is good), only to be redirected to a non-mobile-optimized career site when clicking on a career link. The horror!

When developing your mobile career site, ensure that it’s easily accessible from the mobile corporate site as well as from the desktop career site, and that the design and navigation scheme have at least a few similar cues to guide visitors. Microsoft’s desktop and mobile career sites (pictured) are good examples of how to use consistent visual cues (like Metro tiles) even with a radically different navigation style.

Career Site & Mobile Career Site Tip 6: Get Social

We mentioned it before, but it’s worth saying again: social is huge, especially on mobile. Make it as easy as possible for people to follow you and share content, especially job posts. It’ll pay off–in ways you can measure, using RecruitingHop’s social referral evaluations. When you begin to discover which social channels work best for you, you can start to leverage the high performers even more, and work on creative ways to get results through other social media sites.

Like our mobile tips so far? Stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment of more tips for improving your mobile job site!

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