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12 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Career Site (Part 2)
Thursday, November 8th, 2012 | Comments | Latest Posts

Google career sitesYesterday, we brought you part 1 of our 12 ways to improve your mobile career site, inspired by’s 12 ways to improve your career site. Today we bring you the rest of our mobile optimized ideas, mixing standard best practices with some awesome social surprises.

Career Site & Mobile Career Site Tip 7: Tell People It’s New

This is more of a recruitment strategy tip, but the importance of highlighting new positions really can’t be overstated. It does reflect company growth and success, as well as the amazing possibilities inherent in new roles. On a similar note, highlighting your most recent or most popular job postings with a star or other callout can help put the focus on the latest, hottest positions, driving even more applications.

Career Site Tip 8: Consider a Live Chat Option
Mobile Career Site Tip 8: Consider Click to Call and Text

While live chat can be effective on the desktop, it’s not super likely that a candidate will want to try and use live chat on a mobile phone (unless the chat service is mobile optimized!). Instead, make good use of the mobile platform by offering click to call on your company phone number (make sure a real person equipped to answer recruitment questions answers!).

You can also create the option to sign up for text message alerts instead of or in addition to email alerts. Texts usually prompt rapid responses, and can be a good way to distinguish yourself from the deluge of email your candidates likely get.

Career Site Tip 9: Using an ATS? Stop Making People Jump Through a Thousand Hoops
Mobile Career Site Tip 9: Use a Mobile-Appropriate Job Application

Nobody seems to like the typical application tracking system, but its many fields are even more deadly on mobile. A great but mildly interested candidate might submit a resume or LinkedIn profile on mobile. They’re not going to fill out 40 pages of information about themselves. The only candidates willing to do that are the truly devoted–or the truly desperate. Broaden your candidate pool by creating a short, mobile-friendly application and allowing candidates to submit credentials through social media logins, from LinkedIn to GitHub.

Also, it might be more work for you, but consider customizing the application process for different jobs–adding a writing sample requirement for writing jobs, or a code quiz for software engineer gigs. A customized application not only shows that you care about getting good candidates, but also gives you more to work with when it comes to candidate evaluation.

Career Site Tips 10 & 11: Add a Bit of Fun, Get Some Photos
Mobile Career Site Tips 10 & 11: Mobile Optimize Your Fun

Perhaps even more than a desktop career site, a mobile career site has real potential to be fun. Since social and gaming are a huge part of mobile, think of ways to take advantage of both endeavors on your mobile career site. No, you don’t have to “gamify” your application process and make candidates slingshot birds or throw sheep before they can upload their resumes (though it might be kind of fun). But you can make a simple game out of something related to your company or industry, or create Instagram contests for the best resume photography. Get creative and have fun!

Career Site & Mobile Career Site Tip 12: Have a “5 Reasons to Join Us” Section

This is a no brainer and can be even easier to accomplish on mobile than on the desktop, where there’s a lot more space to fill. Five simple bullet points that describe the mission of your company and the resources available to employees can go a long way toward converting potential applicants into employees.

So there you go: 12 tips that will help your mobile career site as well as your desktop one. And while it may seem counterintuitive, going mobile first can really streamline your messaging and help you figure out what’s important and what you can build on with a desktop career site. If you’re ready to take the plunge, we can help you build a mobile career site in minutes–let’s get started!

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